The Concept


 Our ear-based music learning strategy, helps you play pop music your own way. First, you listen to how music is actually played on records (ear-process), then, we help you intellectualise the new sound concepts (mind-process) that you've just heard. Next, you internalize your new sounds through target practice, both by listening and playing the guitar. In the final step, you refine those internalised sound concepts to your taste and begin to play music, comfortably and confidently, your own way. 

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The Course


 I call the course music/guitar because it is around 70% about music in practical terms and because I play guitar, I can show you how to put the material on the guitar with a minimal guitar technique. I am convinced that the lack of understanding about how music works is the main reason why people get stuck or gave up playing guitar (or any instrument). That’s why the focus is on music and not the guitar. Furthermore, rhythm is the foundation of pop (or jazz-based) music and needs to be dealt with thoroughly.  

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